Ontario’s court system can be viewed as having at least four branches:
  • 1. Criminal Law
  • 2. Family Law
  • 3. Regulatory and administrative law
  • 4. Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the process used to resolve private disputes in contract and tort law. A tort is a wrongful act that results in injury or damage. Tort law focuses on resolving disputes arising from injury to a person, their property or reputation (typically through a lawsuit).

Depending on the value of the claim, civil cases are first heard by either Small Claims Court or the Superior Court of Justice.

Claims of $25,000 or less are heard by the Small Claims Court, which has its own rules of procedure. Claims over $25,000 are heard by the Superior Court of Justice.

Lawsuits should not be entered into lightly. Before beginning a lawsuit, alternatives to litigation should be considered. If a lawsuit is commenced against you, it is important to obtain frank legal advice about the possibility of settlement before engaging in long or drawn-out litigation.

We provide information and frank advice on the process and your chances of success.