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Civil Litigation

Litigation Services

Mortgage Enforcement

Solicitor Negligence and Fraud

Contract Disputes

Power of Sale

Oppression Remedy

Our litigation practice is focused on a few specific areas, including:


Mortgage Enforcement: assiting lenders in taking steps to dispose of secured properties. We handle all aspects of mortgage enforcement, up to and including eviction. 

Solicitor Negligence/Fraud: we assist clients in making claims against solicitors regarding negligent and fraudulent conduct. 

Contract Disputes: we assist in resolving contract disputes, including breach of contract. 

Power of Sale: we assist lenders in issuing Notices of Sale and associated steps to realize on secured properties. 

Oppression Remedy: we assist creditors, in particular, in utilizing the oppression remedy to sue the directors of destitute corporations.

Our objective is to deliver results. As a consequence, we take on only a small number of new litigation cases each year.

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