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Estate planning involves arranging your affairs so that when you pass away, your estate is disposed of according to your wishes, while minimizing taxes and other expenses that may be incurred.

The most important part of estate planning is having an unambiguous and correctly executed Will. Apart from a Will, many people will choose to have the following accompanying legal documents:

1. Living Will: sets out what you want to happen if you become ill and can’t communicate your wishes about treatment

2. Continuing Power of Attorney for Property: appoints one or more people to manage your financial affairs if you become mentally incapable

3. Power of Attorney for Personal Care: appoints one or more people to make personal decisions on your behalf regarding housing or health care

Apart from drafting Wills and accompanying documents, we also assist clients with organizing their affairs so that taxes and other expenses don't erode their estate. Since the task of administering an estate can be very complicated, we also assist Estate Trustees and Administrators in fulfilling their obligations in accordance with the deceased's Will and applicable legislation.

We offer professional estate trustee services. 

We don't currently offer estate litigation.

Please contact our office for more information about wills & estates law.

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